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10 Yoga Moves for a Stronger Core

yoga moves for a strong core

Yoga is an amazing workout to improve your core strength.

Your core is the center unit of your entire body. It stabilizes your spine, pelvis, ribs and shoulders, so it’s no surprise that the stronger your core is, the more stable your movements and the healthier you’ll be.

Yoga uses foundation moves to strengthen your whole body, while also bolstering your posture and stability.

Most yoga workouts ask you to keep your core muscles actively engaged throughout the routine. Using yoga for abs is a great way to get that lean, strong look.

Yoga poses for a strong core

Here are 10 great yoga moves to help improve your core strength:

1. Side Plank Variation

2. Bicycle Crunch

3. Half Moon

4. Dolphin Plank

5. Knee to Elbow

6. Locust Prep

7. Boat Pose

8. Sunbird Pose

9. Warrior Pose

10. Upward Facing Dog

Yoga is a great way to get a total body workout. After your done have a post workout smoothie to refuel. These moves can be performed anywhere you have enough room for a yoga mat.

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