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5 Ways to Lower Total Cholesterol Naturally

healthy plant based foods

In order to lower your Total Cholesterol, you must raise your HDL Cholesterol and lower your LDL Cholesterol. Having high total cholesterol is also associated with high triglycerides. Here are some ways you can lower your total cholesterol.

5 Ways to Lower Total Cholesterol

5 ways to lower total cholesterol naturally

Be physically active

To bring down triglycerides, exercising is one of the quickest and most effective methods. Initially aim for getting more physically active. You can get started with walking for half hour per day. The added benefit of working out is fat burn and weight loss that will furthermore help you drop triglycerides. But first, you should get approval from your health care provider before starting any workout plan if you have been more sedentary in the past.

Get to a normal body weight

If you are overweight seek advice from your doctor or a nutritionist to develop a personalized diet plan that’s right for you.

Limit intake of refined foods

Overindulging on sweets and processed carbs increases your triglyceride levels. Picking healthier carbohydrates, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Reduce the consumption of ‘Bad’ Fats

Reduce or eliminate saturated and trans fats from your diet. Eat food that contains the ‘good’ fats like avocados, nuts and seeds rich in Omega-3. When cooking, opt for extra virgin olive oil instead of butter.

Minimize alcohol consumption

Excessive drinking can have negatively effect on your health in many ways including raising your triglyceride levels. Moderate drinking, on the other hand can actually have a positive effect on your HDL (good) cholesterol, by raising your HDL levels. As long your consuming alcoholic drinks, like red wine, in moderation it won’t negatively affect your triglyceride levels or your overall health.

In conclusion the best way to improve your total cholesterol is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eat more whole plant based foods and find an exercise routine that’s right for you.

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