Hi, I’m Tyler 

A native of New York City, living in California. I’m plant-based foodie and fitness enthusiast. Since moving to the West Coast I’ve had a gradual lifestyle change. As I’ve gotten older I have striven towards living a healthier and more fulfilling life. Through education and discipline I’ve been able to better myself and improve my nutrition and fitness.


What is Cholesterol Levels about?

This blog is dedicated to helping people improve their health with a Whole Food Plant Based diet. Knowledge is power. The more information you have about your health and wellness, the better you can make more informed decisions on what’s best for you.

Even if your not a vegan or vegetarian, we can all benefit from eating more of the nutritionally dense foods that a whole food plant based diet provides.

Knowing your numbers is the first step

On Cholesterol Levels you’ll find great information and helpful tips for improving your overall health and well being. The key to your success always starts and ends with you.