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Know Your Ideal Cholesterol Numbers

know your Ideal cholesterol numbers

High levels of cholesterol, particularly LDL or ‘Bad’ cholesterol could place you at a higher risk for heart conditions as well as strokes. Reduced levels of HDL or ‘Good’ cholesterol, could likewise increase your risk significantly.

Exactly what are low and high levels of cholesterol?

High levels of cholesterol, specifically LDL or ‘Bad’ cholesterol could place you at an elevated risk for heart disease and strokes.

Low levels of HDL or ‘Good’ cholesterol, could likewise increase your risk significantly for heart disease and stroke.

Total Cholesterol Levels

Total Cholesterol measures the total amount of cholesterol in your blood, including LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol.

Under 200 mg/dl = Optimal level

200 – 239 mg/dl = Borderline Risk

240 mg/dl or greater = High Risk

know your cholesterol numbers

HDL Cholesterol Levels

The optimal level of HDL cholesterol is 50-60 mg/dl for women, and 40-50mg/dl for men. Levels below 40mg/dl could increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

60 mg/dl = Optimal Level

35 and 45 mg/dl = Borderline Risk

Less than 35 mg/dl = High Risk

LDL Cholesterol Levels

100mg/dl = Optimal Level

100 and 129 mg/dl = Normal Level

130 and 159 mg/dl = Borderline Risk

160 and 189 mg/dl = High Risk

Greater than 190 mg/dl = Very High Risk

There are many ways to help lower your cholesterol and improve your health without the use of prescriptions:

By understanding what the optimal cholesterol levels are and making healthy and balanced lifestyle choices, you and you’re doctor can devise a plan to improve your cholesterol levels.

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